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COVID-19 Safety

During this pandemic, your health & safety is of utmost importance to us and we assure you of implementing all precautionary measures by stringently following officially prescribed guidelines.

Safety Protocols

Stringent precautionary measures are implemented for staff and patients alike.

Standard Operating procedures

The following steps are part of our daily routine.


Since the onset of Corona Pandemic, we have promptly formulated a set of Standard Operating Procedures as per the guidelines of the Medical Council & Health Authorities. 

External Fumigation

External areas of the premises are fumigated on regular intervals or as the need be, to ensure safe & sanitized entry to the hospital

Internal Disinfection

The frequency of cleaning the entire internal area of the hospital has been more than doubled. Spraying, Swabbing of frequently used common areas is done constantly & continuously during day & night.

Personal & Personnel Hygiene

All associates are advised to maintain top level of personal hygiene and disinfected clothing. We the Doctors do not shy to set a good example to them by practicing the same.

Equipment Sterilisation

An extra level of cleanliness is put in practice through Ultra-Violet screening of each & every medical tools & accessories & equipment are thoroughly disinfected before & after use.


Depending upon the work areas designated, each associate is provided with necessary medical clothing/kits, including of Disinfectant & PPE (Disposable Mask, Gloves, Apron/Gown, Stockings)

Consulting & Diagnostic Rooms

Apart from the Internal cleaning, Doctors Consulting Rooms Diagnostic Chambers are fumigated after each use.

Operation & Recovery Room

A very high level of safety precautions are taken under Supervision to ensure the sanctity during and after treatment.

Medical Disposal

All Disposable items are collected in specifically marked containers, Secured in medical waste bags and disposed as per guidelines

Visitor Guidelines

Kindly follow the steps given below while visiting us.


It is best advised to consult your Family Physician prior to visiting, to ensure that you are fit & healthy to visit a medical facility and are not prone to or still recovering from any prior ailment. Book an appointment only after the approval of your doctor, postpone in case you are advised until given a clean-chit.

Temperature Scan

Prior to your travel as a precaution check your body temperature and proceed only after confirming normal body temperature. In case you haven't had a chance to do so, worry not, we will do your body temperature check for you on arrival.


Besides maintaining personal hygiene, apply disinfectant on hands, palms and on body areas that are prone to exposure or likely to come in contact with any object or body. You may want to wear clothes with maximum cover to your body & can even use disposable gloves if need be.


It is now mandatory to wear a face mask, covering the nose to lower chin. A disposable mask is best advised in case of medical visits if not ensure the reused mask is clean & disinfected. Wearing of mask is compulsory before, during & after your visit to the hospital.      


As the situation demands, social distancing must be maintained during travel to and from the Hospital. At the Hospital too strictly maintain a distance of two meters from the next person around you, while at the waiting lounge, dealing with any Associates or the Doctors.



Depending upon the nature & length of your visit, certain safety related paraphernalia may be provided to you for extra precaution and as the safety gear by you may not be sufficient for a clinical visit. In such a case after the purpose of your visit is accomplished, you will be required to dispose off such material in the appropriately marked medical disposal containers, before leaving the premises.

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